A Refreshing Look at How to Build a Rewarding Career in the Luxury Apartment Industry


What Defines a Career in Multifamily Communities?

Never before has a career in multifamily communities been more desirable, sustainable, and rewarding. Perhaps that’s because stereotypes of the past related to property management careers focused on just that: property.

Today, however, images of overbearing landlords and rent collectors have simply fallen to the wayside. A property management career now emphasizes the importance of building vibrant, multifamily communities where culture, teamwork, and a dedication to serving others is paramount.

Read on to learn more about what defines a modern career in multifamily communities, the types of positions that are available, preferred skills, and whether it’s the right fit for you.



Don’t just make a living. Make a life.

Want more than a job? You can achieve a real career that’s both financially and personally rewarding — one that makes you want to get up each morning to do it all over again.

A Rewarding Career Path.

Achieving a career that encourages and supports personal, professional, and financial growth in a thriving industry is possible when working in a reputable multifamily community. You can make a difference in your own life and in the lives of others, all while doing something you love.

A Reputable, Growing Industry.

Multifamily community careers have shown steady growth in recent years and are expected to remain highly favorable. The industry continues to show a sustainable, upward trend as the demand for housing grows and population increases across the country.


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What Can I Expect from a Multifamily Community Career with Continental Properties?


Be part of a team that demonstrates authenticity, honesty, respect, and integrity, and works closely together toward the goal of caring for community members and their needs. Each multifamily community location typically has a small, dedicated team that’s empowered, encouraged, and eager to share ideas and make strategic decisions that best serve residents and further the community’s success.

Opportunities for advancement abound within a multifamily community career, and hard work and dedication are recognized and rewarded. Your unique perspectives, experiences, and background in other service-oriented career paths are valued and sought after, and many relevant educational classes and leadership trainings are provided at no expense, so you can acquire the necessary skills and certifications you need to be successful. Continental’s own knowledgeable training and development team is dedicated to helping employees advance their careers and skill sets.

Receive competitive benefits as part of a robust compensation package, as well as potential additional earnings through incentive programs and bonuses. Participate in 401(k) retirement plans with a company match, health and life insurance, and vision insurance. Some team members are on-site residents of a Springs Luxury Apartment community, meaning amenities such as an on-site, 24-hour fitness center, resort-style swimming pool, community clubhouse, and a rent discount for on-site housing — management-level employees are offered an apartment for up to two years, rent free! Travel opportunities and company events are additional perks.

No two days are the same. You’re encouraged to build relationships with residents and your team while being challenged to meet goals and direct your own success and that of the community. Personal success in a multifamily community career may require a new perspective, one that breaks through the stereotypical view of relationships between property managers and residents. Success can only be achieved by remaining focused on improving the lives of your residents.
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"It’s an amazing feeling to work for a company that I can trust and rely on to always have my best interests in mind, along with my residents’!”

Community Manager


Examples of Careers in Multifamily Communities


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Many other career opportunities are available in the Multifamily Community industry. Community Managers can advance to become Area Managers or Regional Directors; Maintenance Technicians may also be interested in Groundskeeper positions or advance to become a Maintenance Supervisor. Various professional, administrative, and assistant positions are also available to help with the functions necessary to maintain a successful community. Discovering a career you love as part of a multifamily community is ripe with possibilities!

What Sets Continental Apart?

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In addition to a vibrant culture, a rewarding work environment and being part of an organization named a “Top Workplace” for ten consecutive years and “Best Places to Work in MultifamilyTM” for five years running, Continental team members can take pride in knowing that they can build their careers from the ground up — sometimes quite literally!

Continental is one of the country’s few management companies that develops, owns, and operates its own communities, making it unique in the multifamily industry. They also have their own dedicated, in-house market research team that explores where the greatest need for housing exists. Luxury apartment communities are then built to support those needs, providing long-term, on-site management and services for residents.

We don’t just build buildings;
we build communities.


Are you a Fit?

Working in the multifamily industry is extremely rewarding, and individuals who excel and thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment will enjoy their career for years to come. The most successful team members display the following qualities and are eager to develop them further:

  • Organized with a strong attention to detail
  • Self-motivated and goal-oriented with a drive to succeed
  • Strong communication skills
  • Responsive and service-oriented
  • Focused on customer service and relationship building
  • The ability to promote available apartments and engage prospective residents
  • Enjoys variety and meeting new people
  • Good problem solver
  • Team player who is eager to succeed together

Continental Quick FAQs — Multifamily Community Career

The Path to Success Can Begin at Home

Many Continental Properties team members started out as Springs Apartment residents. Having lived in the multifamily community gave them unique perspectives and insights into what’s required to serve the needs of residents. Meet Brad and Jennifer:

“I’m never bored.



A one-time Springs resident in Charleston, South Carolina, Brad formed a connection with the on-site maintenance supervisor and asked about job opportunities. Brad always enjoyed working with his hands but didn’t have experience in the multifamily industry. Because of his natural abilities and eagerness to learn, he was hired as a maintenance technician.

The maintenance supervisor mentored him and Continental Properties paid for further training in targeted fields, such as appliance repair, heating and cooling, and other related courses. Brad always dreamed of living in Colorado, so when a new property was being built, he pursued the opportunity. Today, he is a maintenance supervisor in Johnstown, Colorado and enjoys the abundant outdoor life during his free time.

“I own my career and feel empowered.



Thirteen years ago, Jennifer was a typical resident at a Springs Luxury Apartment community in Tampa, Florida, and she enjoyed interacting with other residents and staff. Her outgoing personality got noticed and she was asked to consider being a part of the Continental Properties team. She didn’t have industry experience, but she worked in various fields that required strong customer service skills and was ambitious.

She joined the team as a Leasing Associate and her drive to succeed helped her quickly advance within the company. She and her family enjoy exploring and trying new things, so when asked to lead teams in other states, Jennifer jumped at the opportunity. She eventually became a property manager and an area manager and, today, is a regional director overseeing properties and team members in several states.

Next Steps

Take the Next Step in Your Career

One thing we hear over and over from prospective team members is how unique the Continental hiring process is compared to others in the industry. In the same way we want to provide the very best for our residents, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible during each interaction. As part of our interview process, expect to meet fellow team members as well as company leaders so you can get a better sense of the unique, caring, and unbeatable culture that permeates the Continental organization and Springs Apartment communities.

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