The Continental Creed

Our Creed is Our foundation


We are a diverse group of professionals sharing an uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all of our dealings and in our respect for others - our co-workers, our customers and our vendors.


We are committed to providing unparalleled value to our customers by performing our work better than it is performed anywhere else and better than we have ever done it before. We accomplish our objectives through an eagerness to embrace change and an unwavering dedication to teamwork, fair dealing, superior thinking, economy and hard work.


We are committed to creating opportunities for others by serving as a magnet for the best and the brightest who share our values while offering new perspectives and creativity generated from diverse experiences and interests.

Morris (2)

Having worked at Continental Properties for 5 years, I have grown both personally and professionally in an environment that truly lets me bring my authentic self to work each day. A testament to the leadership that I have had the privilege to work under the last half-decade, I strongly believe in the work that I am doing and the commitment of Continental to each and every employee, regardless of background.  The opportunity to be a part of the Continental IDEA as a member of the LGBT community has been a career highlight for me and I’m excited to see others flourish in their career at Continental while celebrating who they are.

—Morris Hohman, Springs at Sandstone Ranch

Continental Properties has allowed me to accomplish many firsts in my career without hesitation. I was granted the opportunity to complete my first lease-up community and in less than a year later was offered this amazing gift to belong to a committee striving to ensure everyone in our organization and beyond has the same feeling of acceptance. I am in a leadership role with physical cerebral palsy and with physical challenges that come along with it, I always feel like I am recognized for my abilities and not limited by them.

—Christina Crutchley, Springs at Red Mountain & Springs at Cooley Station

“A lot of different flowers make a bouquet”, is a Chinese proverb that resonates with me. As an emigrant of Jamaica, the desire to fit in and adapt to a disparate world brought challenges and obstacles that were foreign experiences. After learning the purpose and drive behind the Continental IDEA, I’m honored to be a part of a group of diverse allies that has an aperture to welcome the odd and not just the alike. Continental has won me over, yet again, by supporting such an empowering initiative that is necessary for DIB; diversity, inclusion, and belongingness. 

—Thadia Phillibert, Springs at Port Charlotte


Drive profitable growth by creating a more innovative and inclusive Team Member community.


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We foster an environment where people can bring their ideas to the table, express dissent, and engage in respectful debate and challenge without hesitation or fear of being viewed or treated differently for their views.


We respect our visible and nonvisible differences. We strive to surround ourselves with people that have an alternative perspective or experience from our own.


We uphold a culture that instills respect for the individual by providing access to opportunities that recognize varying starting points, backgrounds, experiences, and capabilities.


We listen to learn and advocate for those that are not represented or being heard.

What We're Doing to Make a Difference


What unites us is far greater than what divides us

- John F. Kennedy

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