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Lauren Runte | Interior Design

“In my role, I love the opportunity to work with all of the businesses – construction, development and the properties. I get to thoroughly understand the needs of each business and what is possible for each, from a design perspective. It is also extremely rewarding being part of a project where you can witness the entire evolution and see how your part of the project impacted the final product.”

-Lauren Runte, Interior Design Coordinator

Eric Thom | Senior Development Director

“Continental has had a big impact on building my career by supporting the completion of my master’s degree. At the time, I was working as a Development Coordinator and CAD Tech, but could see the value of gaining a broader, more strategic perspective in order to add more value within my department. I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned and have grown into a leadership role within my department.”

–Eric Thom, Senior Development Director

Justin Few | Director Property Management

“I started as a site manager for the property management division and my career development was something Continental Properties began investing in right away. I have been able to take on various roles within the organization which have given me the breadth and depth to now manage multiple properties at the director level. I believe the passion of our leaders to develop our people and provide an environment of open communication also assisted in developing my career here."

–Justin Few, Director of Property Management