Sep 20, 2023

Continental Challenge Meetings: Shaping the Future through Employee Collaboration




On September 19, 2023, Continental Properties hosted its annual Challenge Meetings at the Milwaukee County Zoo. This event provides team members with a formal setting to voice their thoughts, challenge existing norms, and collaboratively work towards making the company better than ever before 

At Continental, challenging the status quo is not just encouraged; it's expected. The organization believes that the best way to progress and excel is by taking the time to speak openly about what is working well and what needs improvement. Through the Challenge Meetings, team members gather to share their insights, ideas, and recommendations, creating a valuable opportunity for Senior Leadership to listen and respond. 

“Employee feedback gathered from our Challenge Meetings is invaluable,” said Kim Grimm, EVP, Chief Development & Construction Officer. “At Continental, we embrace change, encourage open dialogue, and give our team members an opportunity to voice their thoughts. Change driven by our team’s insights shapes the culture and direction of Continental, making us more agile, responsive, and aligned with the needs and aspirations of our team members and stakeholders.” 

Continental Team Members Attend Annual Challenge Meetings
President and COO Dan Minahan speaks at annual Challenge Meetings
Team Members attend Continental's annual Challenge Meetings

During the event, team members from different departments discussed pre-determined topics of greatest interest. These discussions are then carefully guided to lead to a single Opportunity Statement or recommendation that can be shared with the larger group. Over the years, the Challenge Meetings have proven to be a catalyst for positive change within the company. Many successful policies, technological advancements, and improved communication tools have emerged from these gatherings. 

A central focus of the Challenge Meetings is the involvement of Continental's Officers and Senior Leaders. “Leadership at Continental Properties isn't just about leading; it's about listening,” said Ed Madell, EVP of IT & Chief Financial Officer. “Listening is an integral part of who we are as an organization, both in Challenge Meetings and our day-to-day operations. Our leaders at Continental Properties prioritize listening and actively engaging with our team members, demonstrating that progress happens when voices are heard." 

Topics of discussion cover a wide range of areas crucial to the company's growth and success, including Benefits & Compensation, Data-Driven Decision-Making, Employee Engagement & Well-Being, Interdepartmental Communication & Cooperation, and Organizational Growth Strategy & Innovation. 

As Continental Properties continues to shape its future through Challenge Meetings, the organization reaffirms its commitment to growth, excellence, and the well-being of its employees, making it a company that thrives on innovation and progress.


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