Aug 15, 2022

Continental Sponsors Revitalize MKE for 4th Year




Continental is committed to building communities that enhance people’s lives. On August 12th and 13th, Continental participated in Revitalize Milwaukee’s Annual Block Build, a weekend dedicated to providing critical home renovations for vulnerable and low-income seniors, veterans, and individuals with disabilities.  

This is Continental’s fourth year sponsoring Revitalize Milwaukee's Block Build, which made home renovations for 23 homeowners this year. Continental team members, along with friends and family, completed over 28 major repairs and countless improvements on two homes in the Lindsay Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee.  

Team members completed a range of improvement projects including two porch and staircase rebuilds, installing downspouts, painting exteriors, replacing bathroom fixtures, HVAC work, and landscaping. We were all proud and inspired to do this work alongside Annie (a retired MPS Paraprofessional), the owner of both homes. 

The Block Build not only gives back to the homeowners, but it positively affects the greater community,” said Jake Meier, Continental Properties team member. “I have had the privilege of volunteering for the Build for the past four years. Not only are we making an impact on these communities, but it is also a great time to get team members out of the office and teach new skills that they can take with them for a lifetime.  

We are honored to participate in the Annual Block Build. We enjoy spending time with our team members to better our local communities and help others feel safe and happy in their homes.  


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