May 25, 2023

Continental Announces First-Ever Business Resource Group



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Since its inception, Continental has been dedicated to fostering inclusive teams that embrace diverse perspectives, experiences, and interests, as emphasized in the Continental Creed. This commitment is reinforced through Continental’s ongoing You Belong Here journey and implementation of the Continental IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Being Allies) initiative. Through this initiative, Continental strives to cultivate a culture of belonging that ensures every team member has the support and resources they need to thrive on a daily basis.  

Most recently, Continental announced the launch of Business Resource Groups (BRG). Continental's BRGs are voluntary, team member-led groups that serve as a resource for team members by providing inclusive workplace experiences and education that align with Continental’s culture and strategic priorities. BRGs serve many purposes, including career development, promoting diversity of thought, and cultivating a sense of belonging at work. All team members are welcome to join a BRG.  

Continental kicked off its BRG launch with a Women’s Business Resource Group last month.  

Each BRG will have two leadership positions, one of which is held by an ally. Ed Madell, EVP & Chief Financial Offer, is the Executive Sponsor for the Women’s BRG, and Bindiya Mano, Director of Data Engineering & Analytics, is the Women’s BRG Chair.   

“From past experiences, I have understood that women are strong by themselves but stronger when they have a group, a community of allyship to support them,” said Bindiya. “The Women’s BRG at Continental is here to serve as a platform for our women to be valued, supported, and especially ensured that they have the right opportunities and resources to grow and succeed. BRGs are about building connections and creating a more inclusive workplace. They are meant to break down barriers and promote networking between employees. In addition to providing a place for mentorship, sharing future goals, and discussing strategies for overcoming obstacles, the Women’s BRG at Continental will be a place for team members to learn about the issues their colleagues face. Opening the group up to everyone at Continental will help our female team members find new allies in the office.” 

We would like to extend our gratitude to the hardworking team members who put in tremendous effort to bring the Women’s BRG to life. We look forward to witnessing the transformative impact BRGs will have on Continental for years to come. 

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