Jan 30, 2024

Continental Announces New Values Peer Nomination Program



Values Program (1)

Since Continental’s founding in 1979, our team has embodied a set of principles integral to our organization’s culture and success. In 1999, these principles were translated into the Continental Creed, a defining moment when Continental sought to articulate the strong and distinctive culture that defines us.

The Continental Creed remains the cornerstone of our culture today and provides a foundation for Continental’s values. These values serve as our guide to achieving a culture focused on creating communities that enhance people’s lives. Our values are:

  • Respect for the Individual
  • Distinguished Character
  • Achieving More Together
  • Passion For All We Do
  • Better Than Ever Before
Last week, Continental introduced an exciting new program designed to recognize and celebrate team members who fully embrace and represent our values through their words and actions. The Values Peer Nomination Program empowers team members to nominate their colleagues who consistently embody one or more of our values in their day-to-day work. Those honored as recipients will proudly carry the title of Continental's Value Ambassadors, serving as exemplary role models of our organizational culture. 

This program reflects our commitment to fostering a workplace where our shared values are not just acknowledged, but actively lived and celebrated. Award recipients will be chosen quarterly by an unbiased selection committee comprised of team members who represent various facets of our team member make-up.  

“The Peer Nomination Program aims to bring Continental’s values to life,” says Megan Mares, Portfolio Vice President of Operations. “Taking the time to appreciate and celebrate each other will not only strengthen our relationships but also fortify our culture.” 

We are thrilled about the launch of this innovative program and extend our gratitude to all of our dedicated team members who help Continental be better than ever before.  

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