Apr 29, 2024

Continental Properties Launches Data Ambassadors Program: Empowering Data-Driven Decision-Making



Continental Properties Data Ambassadors Program Logo

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Continental Properties is thrilled to announce the launch of its Data Ambassadors Program, marking another strategic step in its ongoing journey to cultivate a robust data-driven culture within the organization. Recognizing the tremendous potential of leveraging data to inform smart decisions and drive innovation, this program will foster partnerships between business units and data teams, champion data governance, and facilitate communication to align data initiatives with specific business needs. 

The Data Ambassadors Program aims to empower selected employees to become trained data advocates within their departments, serving as Change Catalysts and acting as liaisons between business and data teams. Their key responsibilities include providing business expertise to Data Engineers & Business Intelligence Analysts, representing departmental data needs, promoting a data-driven culture, offering feedback on processes, and leading data governance & stewardship efforts. The program will have an Executive Sponsor, Program Leaders, and selected Data Ambassadors from each department. Its success will be measured through metrics on the improvement of data accuracy, increased usage of automated reports and dashboards, and a culture shift towards becoming a data-driven organization. 

Bindiya Mano, Continental Properties' Director of Data Engineering & Analytics, shared her enthusiasm for the program, stating, "Our Data Ambassadors will play a crucial role in enhancing our collective capabilities. Collaborating with their peers, they will cultivate a culture where data is not just a tool but an essential asset driving our business. Through their efforts, we envision an organization where every employee harnesses the power of data with confidence, thus giving us a competitive advantage as we scale new heights." 

The Data Ambassadors Program aligns with Continental’s Values in the following ways: 

Respect for the Individual - We'll celebrate differences in data skills and learn from each other. 

Passion for All We Do - Harnessing data's power enhances our work's impact.  

Distinguished Character - Ethical data usage demonstrates our integrity. 

Achieving More Together - Cross-team collaboration drives success.  

Better Than Ever Before - Continual data literacy improvement fuels innovation. 

"Data is the most valuable asset in modern business, and while recognizing its immense value, we understand that realizing its full potential demands a workforce fluent in data literacy,” said Ed Madell, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. “By nurturing internal data advocates, we empower our employees to leverage data in shaping informed and strategic business decisions." 


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