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Marketing Team Heads Up To Historic Lambeau Field

[fa icon="calendar"] 7/5/18 12:00 PM / by Jake Meier

Continental-Marketingphoto courtesy of Saturn Lounge

On June 6th, the day after our company Challenge Meetings, Continental's Marketing Team took the trip up to Lambeau Field, home of the Green Bay Packers, for the 2018 Experience Inbound held by national leaders in the marketing field.

Marketing is an ever-evolving science that can lead to the success or failure of a business' online reputation and revenue drivers. These conferences are designed to hear from leaders in the world of marketing to see what is working and how their businesses are adapting to the changing online world.  In some cases, the ideas that are brought up can go directly against what would be the "norm" when it comes to successful marketing. The Team heard from Jay Acunzo, founder of Unthinkable Media (former Digital Media Strategist at Google), who talked about how best practices and conventional wisdom are actually holding us back from doing our best work.

Continental is growing rapidly and we recognize the need to be ahead of the curve in our marketing initiatives.  We also feel there are great opportunities on the horizon for marketing advancements in the future. Hear from our Marketing Team on what their takeaways were from Experience Inbound:

Jake - I think we are in a strong place with our current marketing initiatives.  After the conference, there was reassurance that Continental is leading the Multifamily industry in our marketing efforts but there is also room to grow. The conference helped to show that taking risks with your current skillset is one way to see what your team is capable of and how you can find new marketing avenues to generate more traffic and revenue.

WhitneyThe future of social is not only creating content that converts, but creating a deep-rooted connection with your audience. Many of the sessions focused on creating a dialogue with consumers that is authentic, transparent, and relevant. We should abandon posting irrelevant content and canned responses just to meet a quota. It waters down our authenticity and brand personality.

Prince - Google may be king but data is the wizard behind the curtain. With a plethora of content bombarding numerous people every minute of the day, we need the analytics and data to not only create relevant and meaningful content but to also fine-focus our own needs when it comes to advertising. 

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