Mar 4, 2024

Women Belong Here: Continental Properties Celebrates Women's History Month with Inclusive Business Resource Group




In honor of Women's History Month this March, Continental Properties proudly reflects on its commitment to fostering an inclusive and empowering workplace environment. Among these efforts is Continental’s Women Belong Here Business Resource Group (BRG), launched in 2023 to offer support, connection, and a sense of community for the incredible women and their allies who help drive Continental's success. 

Led by Bindiya Mano, Director of Data Engineering & Analytics, and Ed Madell, EVP & Chief Financial Officer, Continental’s Women Belong Here BRG has made a significant impact within the company. Bindiya adds, “The most exciting thing for me about the Women Belong Here BRG is the sense of solidarity and feeling of belonging that I experience in this group. It is inspiring to have the opportunity to connect with other women and allies, giving me a platform to contribute and thrive personally and professionally. I love being a part of this community of incredible women, who continuously uplift and inspire each other."  

Joining the Women Belong Here BRG means more than just being part of a group – it means having a support system, connecting with like-minded individuals, and building a community where women can thrive. With a team of dedicated volunteer board members contributing to content, planning meetings, and organizing events, the BRG extends its reach and welcome to team members across the company. One of the key components of Continental’s BRG is the quarterly Discussion Club meeting, providing a safe and confidential space for members to come together, share experiences, and empower each other. 

Below are some heartfelt reflections shared by members of our Women Belong Here BRG community: 


Alicia Laux, Business Intel Analyst: "Being a part of the Women Belong Here BRG has been an enriching experience. The quarterly meetings are a particular highlight for me. I love spending time with women and allies across the organization that I don't regularly interact with, whether it's through discussion groups or casual conversations. I've also really loved the guest speakers that came in to share their industry experience. They've helped enhance my knowledge of what it means to be a woman in leadership!"

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Angie Drankiewicz, Compensation & Benefits Manager: Every month, I always lookforward to reading about our newest monthly Member Spotlight. I’ve gotten to hear about accomplishments, goals, and inspirations from different people in our Women Belong Here community. It’s uplifting to learn from/about others that you work with and what makes them who they are." 


Daisy Zodrow, Relationship Specialist: “Being involved in the WBH BRG has been such a fulfilling experience. We have built a sense of community among the women at Continental that feels very authentic, honest, and meaningful. I truly value the impact the BRG has made on my sense of belongingness and connection with the amazing women in the organization who bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the group and appreciate having a safe space to share.” 


Gazelle deWerff, Senior Communications & PR Specialist: “Joining the Women's Business Resource Group and serving on the Volunteer Board has been incredibly rewarding. I appreciate our Women’s BRG Teams Channel, which has allowed us to stay connected and share laughs between scheduled Discussion Club meetings. What I love the most is that this group has helped us build connections on a deeper level. The passion, collaboration, and sense of community among the women here is infectious, and I'm honored to be a part of it.”   

As we celebrate the contributions of women throughout history, we continue our commitment to supporting and empowering women in the workplace through the Continental IDEA. Throughout March, we have an array of activities planned to highlight the achievements and experiences of women across our organization.  

A key event is a panel discussion featuring women representing various roles within our company, accompanied by two allies. Our goal is to facilitate an open dialogue about our collective experiences and how we can actively support women, not just this month but always. In addition, we are providing our team members with resources to enhance their allyship skills, spotlighting the achievements of women within our teams, curating a Spotify playlist featuring legendary female artists, and offering Women’s History Month-themed "You Belong Here" decals as symbols of solidarity. These initiatives are designed to raise awareness, encourage engagement, and invite women and allies to join us in advocating for gender equality and inclusivity.  

At Continental, we believe that diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords – they are fundamental values that drive innovation, creativity, and success. Together, let's continue to champion equality and create a future where every woman belongs. 


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