Caitlin Duerr

Construction Project Engineer


Meet Caitlin, one of our Construction Project Engineers. Starting with us just over one year ago, hear Caitlin talk about her favorite aspects of getting to travel and be onsite with a diverse group of builders, contractors, and supervisors. She focuses much of her energy in our Colorado markets and spends part of her month traveling around checking in on the progress of our markets out west. Leadership plays a big role in her success, hear how Caitlin defines what being a good leader means.

Growing up, we all wanted that elusive present that our parents laughed at when we asked for it...Caitlin's parents, on the other hand, said yes.  Watch and see what present Caitlin still remembers getting, even to this day!

Continental offers a number of things including; benefits, great teammates, and amazing leadership. Continental is always looking for dedicated team members who also want a great workplace experience.

What will Your Experience Be?

Meet Caitlin!

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