Continental’s hiring process allows us to learn more about your skills and experience so we can determine your suitability for a career with Continental, whether at one of our Springs Communities or the home office. The interview experience is your opportunity to meet our team and learn more about us, because in a very real sense, you’re interviewing us, too, to determine if we’re the right career choice for you!

Be excited – not nervous – about your interviews with our team. The people you’ll meet are smart, caring professionals who are eager to find your strengths and learn how your skills and experiences may fit at Continental.

To help you better prepare for potential interviews with our team, we’ve provided a brief overview of the experience for you.    

How we interview:

We’re looking for bright, team-oriented professionals capable of achieving results even when they encounter resistance and experience frequent change. This is the core of how and who we hire.

Our process is quite simple. The path to getting hired usually involves a conversation with Human Resources, a phone or video interview, and onsite interviews at the home office or a Springs community.

The process, in short

Resume Submission


  • It’s as easy as it sounds. If you see a job that interests you, simply click on it and you’ll be directed to our application system to submit your resume. It will take you no more than 10 minutes to get yourself in front of our hiring manager and Human Resources team!  


Remote Interview


  • During this interview we’ll give you an overview of the opportunity and what having a career with Continental could mean to you. We’ll share as much relevant information as possible so you can determine if the role and Continental are right for you. The interviewer will ask questions to determine your skills, knowledge and abilities and how they might tie back to a career with us.




  • Depending on the job you’re considering, we might also do some assessments. These might include a strengths-based communication survey and position-specific case study or knowledge-based assessments. All candidates participate in our behavioral/skill based reference checking assessment.


Formal Interviews


  • We discuss your past experiences – accomplishments and challenges – to discover skills that will allow you to thrive at Continental. Come prepared to discuss your past experiences in a thoughtful way, focusing on your specific roles and key actions that were critical to your success.



There are a few things we do to ensure that we’re always hiring the right candidate for the right role.

  • We gather feedback from multiple interviewers. Some will be potential teammates, but some may come from other teams/departments. This helps us see how you collaborate and fit with the Continental team
  • We involve senior leadership for home office positions and Property Manager positions to ensure we never compromise on standards and cultural fit

We believe that a rigorous process is key to ensuring that we’re adding only the best and brightest to our team. Our goals are for the process to be both meaningful and efficient for you and our hiring team, to reduce our time-to-fill while not compromising on candidate quality, and to maintain a high level of communication with all candidates.

The process of how – and who – to hire is the same across the entire company. There are, though some pieces of the process that look a little different depending on the team, department and location. Our Human Resources team is here to help you navigate through these.

Continental is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.